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level 15 scouts repairing the windmills

[Post New]by erwin042 on Nov 28, 08 2:47 AM
I've beaten this game once.
I'm now replaying it and I'm so stuck on level 15.
I don't know what to build first.
Any help would be nice!

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Re:level 15 scouts repairing the windmills

[Post New]by peutetre on Nov 28, 08 6:24 AM
You need to build a farm, upgraded to 3 stars, and a mill, upgraded to one star.

It doesn't really matter where you build them since you don't need to buy the pond or the silo.

Put 2 scouts on the mill right away, the third can dig up money.

Staff the farm with workers, a defender and a scholar. Add a couple of merchants somewhere to get your money up.

Fully staff the lumber mill, allowing room for the scholar only to get it to one star. As soon as you have enough lumber for the farm's 3 star upgrade, sell off the workers (and the merchants if you have enough $) and buy the rest of your scouts.

That should do it.

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