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[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 10, 10 12:05 AM
Protect the Earth by solving perplexing puzzles and solving tricky problems in Mechanicus, a fun and challenging Brain Teaser game. Work with conventional devices with earthly physics, as well as alien technology like teleporters and antigravity devices. Discover various solutions to each puzzle by using your imagination and resourcefulness!

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[Post New]by siljk on Dec 10, 10 5:05 AM
I like this kind of games. And I like this one. First levels are rather easy and let you to understand how to play this game. 20-th and after levels are much more interesting.

Hint system is not very good. Think it can be done much better. You have to not just click object in the left menu but drag it to the scene. After that set your mouse above the object and you will see new icons that let you to rotate object. Also you can rotate object using mouse wheel.

But in any happen I understood how to play in 5-10 minutes. And started to get fun

Highly recommended if like such kind of games. I played the whole trial and want to play more.



[Post New]by viviancarb on Feb 11, 11 3:05 PM
maybe it's just me, but the game seems to be full of gtlitchs.

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