getting into the cave on escape dreamscape

[Post New]by pattibristol on Dec 11, 10 8:00 PM
I purchased the game and have used the rake scratching all over the place. Fast slow up down sideways and would someone tell me the secret to get into the cave?????I am ready to uninstall!!!!!

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Re:getting into the cave on escape dreamscape

[Post New]by poopysue on Dec 12, 10 6:37 AM
Welcome to the pond. If you will look under the All Game Forums tab for your game tiltile, you may find some help there! Good luck!

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Re:getting into the cave on escape dreamscape

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Dec 12, 10 4:33 PM
Welcome to the pond pattibristol and thanks for helping poopysue!

I've found the following posts in the Yhe Cave thread that I think might help get you further:

battery16 wrote:I did everything so far at the cave even have the words "RightTurn" have been turning the levers and nothing. Can someone please tell me how to get into the cave? PLEASE

tribrach wrote:Hi,if you've got the letters to say "rightturn" then you have to turn the four levers (2 on either side of the cave entrance) 'till they ALL face right (3 o'clock)
Hope that helps?

I'm also going to go ahead and move this thread over to the Angela Young 2: Escape the Dreamscape game Forum, so that it's easier for other players of the game to join in.

But not to worry, this thread will stay visible in the Chit-Chat Corner as well so that any Fishies swimming through the Chit-Chat corner can also help.

To find the Forum for any game, just click on All Game Forums at the top of this page, and type in the title for your game. Or, go here.

Happy gaming!


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