[Post New]by Cody821 on Dec 13, 10 5:41 AM
Wait a minute! I've finished this game about four times with platinum all the way. Yes, at first, all the pests annoyed me, but I've perceived it as a challenge. The rest of this message might be a spoiler for you.

To avoid the whale, merman, suck face fish, and bombs away birds, merely stay up against the left dock. You can dash out when it's clear and drag your line catching up to three fish. The others, just wait until they go by. With pelicans, often you have to just go back and forth across the lake looking for magnates. You just can't sit out in the middle of the lake and fish. Watch the dolphins when they jump (really cute) and dodge them when they head your way. Just dash forward a bit and back again, they'll miss you. I play this game everyday, even several times a day. I like it better than Gold Miner, Real Quest, Finders Keepers, etc. I hereby challenge you to try the game and give it a chance. You can do it, if you just try to find a way around the pests. Enjoy the art, too. Pretty colors.

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