level 35

[Post New]by barty57 on Nov 28, 08 6:34 PM
hi there,
has anyone got any tips on passing level 35?
its getting me frustrated

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Re:level 35

[Post New]by Debidawn on Apr 8, 09 7:13 PM
I'm stuck on this last one too. Grrrrr. Anyone have help to offer?


Re:level 35

[Post New]by Cantdoit on Jun 1, 09 1:38 PM
I'm stuck on this one to. Is there anybody that can help out there.


Re:level 35

[Post New]by sublimelmf on Jun 6, 09 8:56 PM
Same here
I'm having trouble with the rent/money objectives. Or if I get those 2, I can't get the others... It's driving me crazy


Re:level 35

[Post New]by sublimelmf on Jun 6, 09 9:16 PM
Omg I did it!

I started out w/ a modern, recycle center, and workshop (and train the workers). Then update the modern and sell it. Then get some workers and build a LOT of palaces! I had like 6 of them. Focus on getting some money before you even worry about landscaping.

I ended up buying every house and painting it and landscaping it. I waited until I had every lot at +10 then demolished the workshop, recycle center, and finally garden center. I replaced those 3 lots w/ parks.

Hope that kinda makes sense or at least gives you an idea of what to do. What helped me the most was selling that modern at the beginning and getting some money

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Please, can anyone give me some suggestions on how to get through level 34

[Post New]by jorob716 on Jun 21, 09 12:50 PM

Could someone please give me some tips on getting through Level 34? I have reached the point of compulsive desperation!!!

I have been working on it now for several days and stayed up all night last night, took a nap and am back at it.

I start out building the workshop, moving 100 materials over and hiring 2 more workers to make the 7 needed to build a Villa. I build the Villa, make one upgrade (because that's all the money I have), sell it immediately. I then build two palaces, upgrading one immediately and selling it. I then upgrade the second one. This gives me some cash flow. I put in a recycling plant and a garden center, build either grand park or zen park between them and a store, usually the Coffee Shop or the Cafe. I then put in a play park between a couple of my house, demolish all the bungalows and build whatever I am short on the screen as far as getting the 3 palaces, 3 moderns and 3 Villas. I seem to be able to only get up to 140 and run out of time as far as the palaces that need to be bought. Can't figure out where I'm doing too much or just not doing it the right way.

Any suggestions?!?!? Thanks so much for your help!!!


Re:level 35

[Post New]by wilekiot on Sep 12, 09 3:34 PM
make all parks grand parks

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