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Walkthrough Level 2.9 (19)

[Post New]by DejaVu31 on Dec 15, 10 6:39 AM
Hey All.
Has any got a walk through for level 2.9 (19).
Could use some help to finish on time.
Appreciate any posts.

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Re:Walkthrough Level 2.9 (19)

[Post New]by Wolverine257 on May 12, 11 3:13 PM
I just barely made Expert time this way:

1.Upgrade Worker Hut
2. 1 worker build Sawmill and the other clears the snow to access Gold Mine
3. Mine gold and cut down 1 tree
4. Build Gold Mine and cut down every tree in this area
4. Upgrade Sawmill ASAP and pick all the berries
5. Upgrade Goldmine ASAP and build 1st bridge

(everything should be built except the Farm, everything should be upgraded except the Worker's Hut, there should be no trees or berries)

7. Clear the snow to access the Quarry
8. Build Quarry and cut down the trees on this island
9. Upgrade Quarry ASAP
10. Upgrade Worker Hut
11. Start building Road
12. Build Farm, build Fisher's Hut & build 2nd Bridge

(everything should be built, only the Fisher's Hut needs upgrading, there should be no trees left on either island, but there should still be white rocks near the quarry)

13. Clear snow to access the storehouse
14. Build Storehouse ASAP and clear snow
15. Upgrade the Fisher's Hut and mine the white rocks
16. One worker should be building the road at all times, task the other workers clearing snow, collecting resources and rebuilding structures after earthquakes
17. Build 3rd Bridge (note that the road shouldn't be that far behind at this point!)

17. Once the gold mounds are accessible, pick up the Hammer, and send all workers to mine gold or clear snow (this triggers the Boots)
18. Build the Boat House
19. Clear the snow in front of the Fort
20. Pick up the Boots to gather resources when they're all full (this triggers the Stopwatch later)
21. As soon as you have enough gold or stone and are about to pick up the last load of either that will allow you to build the Fort, send someone to pick up the Stopwatch to stop the clock
22. Build the Fort, finish the road (if it's not done already), pick up the Crystals

You should finish with a couple seconds left in Expert Time


Build, upgrade and repair the Gold Mine and Quarry as fast as possible and collect the gold and stones as soon as they appear.

Food is plentiful at first, so focus on wood, stones and gold first... then build and upgrade Food structures.

Make sure your Storehouse is built and repaired before mining the white rocks and the gold mounds up at the top.

If you have to choose between getting the Crystals and starting the Fort because you're a little low on gold... start the Fort, stop the clock, and you should be able to get enough gold to collect the Crystals before the Fort is finished.

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