AhHHHH! someone Please HELP

[Post New]by Ash_baby24 on Dec 15, 10 12:56 PM
I've been trying to Figure out the darn recipe box for a while now SOMEONE please send the correct way to Put the triangles so i move on to the next part, Thanks,

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Re:AhHHHH! someone Please HELP

[Post New]by Tikatoy on Dec 20, 10 11:19 AM
You just need to make the triangles on the right look like the one on the left. Are you having problems with trying to move the triangles around?


Re:AhHHHH! someone Please HELP

[Post New]by teenielou0321 on Jun 8, 12 1:05 PM
concentrate on putting the red mand purple triangles on outer rings first blue and yellow ones then fall into place.


Re:AhHHHH! someone Please HELP

[Post New]by flavorqueen on Nov 29, 12 6:26 AM
I can't see how to move the triangles to the right spot, all they do is spin. How do I move them?

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