be sure to update all your drivers

[Post New]by Billiam54 on Dec 16, 10 7:48 PM
[b]sometimes you gotta update all your drivers and it takes about an hour or less in some cases. In my case I was having trouble (a lot of it) trying to get the touch pad to work right (on the laptop) and finally went into the computer for tech support and found a lot of my drivers were needing updating. And NOW the gasme plays a lot smoother.

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Re:be sure to update all your drivers

[Post New]by janesolo1 on Jul 17, 11 7:25 AM
Indeed, yes! Here's the thing. When the game didn't work on my computer, I totally forgot about it. Then, later I tried a newer game and the game itself prompted me to update my video driver, which took almost no time at all. After doing that, just on a whim, I tried Atlantis Sky Patrol and it worked perfectly.

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