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Great news!

[Post New]by hendicky on Dec 18, 10 3:47 AM
As an avid fan of Cradle of Rome, it is great that here is a brand new one. It seems as good as the first, and will keep this fishie very happy.
I return again and again to the first game,as it is ever changing, and I find a great stress breaker. Think it is my fave game of all time!!
Many thanks for this follow up.

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Re:Great news!

[Post New]by Howatch on Dec 18, 10 5:10 PM
I love this game! It's still challenging but doesn't seem *quite* as difficult as the first one. I'm presently on level 30 so of course will have to wait and see if the difficulty ramps up significantly from here on out.

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Re:Great news!

[Post New]by Avalon2 on Dec 22, 10 2:27 AM
Difficulty ramps up significantly oh yes. I'm stuck on level 100 now after being stuck on level 99 for days.

Got to level 99 with 32 lives and am down to 26 lives just from level 100. Wowee it's a toughie.

Love the game though and played the first Cradle of Rome for weeks and weeks. Scenery is gorgeous and music is not bad.

I'll probably start it again with another name and enjoy more Cradle of Rome II for another few weeks.

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