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Level 11

[Post New]by trekkiespice on Dec 21, 10 12:39 AM
I am playing level 11 and in order to move the last lot of rock I need 2 gold but I only have 1 and there is no more available to mine.

Any ideas please?



Re:Level 11

[Post New]by mungyman on Dec 21, 10 1:23 AM
I had this prob to start off with. The solution I found was to only collect enough gold until I had built the store house then you have enough gold to finish the level. It worked for me.


Re:Level 11

[Post New]by moonchilde on Jan 10, 11 10:06 AM
What do you mean by level 11? From what I can tell, each section of the game only has 10 levels in it. They are referred to by "episode" and "level", i.e. episode 1 level 3.

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