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Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by skirken on Nov 29, 08 4:04 PM
Since I'm at a point in my game where I cannot continue and I saw in another thread that someone did some research and found a solution to a previous problem I had, I did a little research of my own.

[url removed]

This is a long thread, but the lead developer (Gabriel) of this game has been communicating via this board about all the things we are reporting as issues here.

The game manufacturer is coming up with patches and it seems like RealArcade is getting them but we are not.

It is apparent to me from the replies I've been getting from Tech Support, that they are not aware these issues are being addressed by the developers.

So, if any of you Big Fish employee's are reading... PLEASE GET ME SOME PATCHES OR A NEW EXECUTABLE.


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Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by bfgBering on Dec 1, 08 1:45 PM
Hi skirken!

Sorry, but I had to delete the link from your post. We do not allow outside URL's or links in our forums. If you have any questions, please read our FAQs page.

Happy gaming !


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by BethnJulia2 on Dec 16, 08 11:49 AM
So BFG, where are these patches for us?


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by sooozsusie on Dec 22, 08 2:01 PM
Yeah, I've been waiting for a couple of weeks now and I've never received any replies to my tech support email - is there any plan on getting a patch? Suggested date? Anything?? This is very frustrating, I've been left hanging!


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by checotahs on Mar 15, 09 10:17 AM
Real Arcade doesn't have the patches eiter. I'm so frustrated! I can't get past a task at Adeilade. Both places -Big fish and real arcade have the same problem.


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by HRHLisa on Mar 27, 09 2:00 AM
I enjoy this game too, but dang!! I've uniinstalled, reinstalled, restarted with new name multiple times. With the help of this forum I've managed to get a bit further each time. But now I'm stuck in Bejing on the same task twice now. I'm being asked to deliver self-tanning lotion and after sun lotion. I've got them made but apparently I'm missing something that he isn't asking me for, so he won't accept them.
One hint I'll give to others if it helps, make each recipe right away. When there's a hidden ingredient, don't move on to the next new "site" until you've earned that ingredient. Once you're asked to deliver a recipe you can't get one of the ingredients for - you're screwed. You can't get past it. I learned this the hard way a couple of times in different places in the game. The latest was accepting tasks in Seattle when I haven't been allowed to buy beeswax.
Hope that helps someone! If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong in Bejing, I'd really appreciate the help.
I'm going to try one more thing - making each recipe I have. Maybe I'll come across what it is he wants. It beats starting over again.


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by HRHLisa on Mar 29, 09 12:27 AM
I managed to finish the quest in Bejing by re-making one of each recipe I had, hoping I'd come across what the missing product was. I finally did. I wish I knew which recipe it was, but I was making several at a time and then trying them.

I finally got so frustrated I asked for help from tech support. My email was responded to quickly by Tate. Tate is fully knowledgable about this game, it's problems and what has been reported on other game forums too. Tate asked me to perform ad dxdiag on my system and send it to him. He reviewed it, recommended I update my drivers and video card. While this didn't change the layout of the game as far as all factories displayed or only showing 7 products for sale, I was able to finish the game, get all recipes and items.

Tate gave detailed instructions on everything he suggested I did. I really appreciate his time, politeness, professionalism and timely replies to my emails. Thanks Tate!


Re:Lavender's Botanicals Game Play Issues

[Post New]by Bklyngrandma on Jun 24, 10 3:36 AM
One would think after all this time - the game would have been fixed! Has anyone gotten a patch or a fix? Wrote to game mfg did what I was told and then the glitch moved to another quest. Still can't see all factories. Any help out there or is it time to Delete?

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