What are your favorite orbs?

[Post New]by StripedArts on Dec 22, 10 4:39 AM
There are different kinds of orbs in "Ballville: The Beginning". They all are pretty, lovely and have unique abilities. Playing the game you might prefer some of orbs or dislike some of them.

Tell us please:
- Which orbs do you prefer to play with?
- Which orbs do not you like to play with?
- Are there any abilities that should be added?
- What is the best orbs combination to play with?


Re:What are your favorite orbs?

[Post New]by ArcheryMask on Dec 22, 10 6:31 AM
- I love Flier, Singer and Engineer. They are cute and have own will.
- .... may be Electric. He is so pink
- It is a hard question. May be i answer later
- Flier and Singer They can play without my help while i am having tea

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Re:What are your favorite orbs?

[Post New]by BobbiH on Dec 22, 10 1:03 PM
They are all adorable (thanks for this game, I am LOVING it!) but I tend to go for the Pilots, the Engineers and the Woodens, simply because they give me the most bang for the buck strategically. Since I choose to play without a timer (thanks for THAT option as well -- I can't tell you how much it is appreciated by those of us who dislike having to race the clock when we are playing a game to relax with) the Time Orbs are of no practical use to me, and I don't choose the Banker orbs all that much either as I tend to accumulate enough money simply playing the boards. But I'm having a blast and most definitely hope you are planning a sequel, or that the creative folks who designed this game are even now coming up with something equally entertaining.

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Re:What are your favorite orbs?

[Post New]by Koalanut on Dec 27, 10 7:59 PM
I love to see the little blue rocket zoom off and clear off a column. The different ones I have gotten so far are cute and cleaver how they all have something to do. I have been using the "auto" pic and so far I haven't gotten stuck or run out of time. I am on level 47. I haven't understood or seen the need for the one with the question mark on it. Love the game!

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