Silly, way too easy game

[Post New]by mudomah on Dec 23, 10 7:06 AM
I think this game is suitable for kids. My 9 year old enjoyed it; I found it sleep inducingly boring. Much too easy for adults, IMO.


Re:Silly, way too easy game

[Post New]by MIKA60441 on Dec 24, 10 8:21 AM
I agree, played for the free hour, bought it and was done in another hour, Big Fish doesn't usually rip you off, but this time it did, disappointed

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Re:Silly, way too easy game

[Post New]by KIW0612 on Dec 31, 10 2:47 PM
Relax!! It was fitting for the season - does every game have to have the player sitting at the edge of their seat to be WORTHY or not silly? I thought this game was GREAT for relaxing and staying in the spirit. There aren't enough Christmas games around, so I was more than happy to pay the price to add it to my very small Christmas game library.

hope everyone had a Merry Christmas


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Re:Silly, way too easy game

[Post New]by antique1944 on Dec 23, 11 2:43 PM
I also found it too easy, but then I thought, How many times have I wished for a simple game so I could blow ten minutes or so. Here it is

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