Children!! HELP!!!!!

[Post New]by footballrox on Dec 23, 10 2:40 PM
Do your children ever grow up?

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[Post New]by footballrox on Dec 26, 10 3:59 PM
I have 5 babies and there is nothing else to do! I have bought everything.What happens to your children?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:Children!! HELP!!!!!

[Post New]by kit1717 on Jan 19, 11 11:15 AM
No, the babies never grow up. For whatever reason, the family thing stops at getting the children born. Nothing else ever happens with them.

Maybe you can ask the game designers to expand this section of the game. They could have the children gradually grow up. Perhaps they could have a random event occur...such as the more children you have, the more likely it is you will get an interruption at your work asking you to go pick up a sick child from school and for that particular shift (one click on the work button), you do not get any money. There are a lot of possibilities!

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Re:Children!! HELP!!!!!

[Post New]by Maddster16 on Jun 28, 11 6:02 AM
No I believe not.

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