Skip chips

[Post New]by jazz960 on Dec 23, 10 5:55 PM
what am I looking for? Do I win them of have
to find them?


Re:Skip chips

[Post New]by Lyrianonly on Dec 27, 10 9:26 PM
You win the skip chips during the bonus rounds. I'm not sure which kind of chip is skip, but you want to click on all the pieces of fragmented chips you can find. I just click like crazy and sometimes get lucky enough to get a whole chip. I didn't know how they worked at first and wasted one, but you use them by putting them on the wheel over the symbol of the kind of game you want to skip, which for me was the combine! Devilishly difficult for me, that one! I hope this helps.

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Re:Skip chips

[Post New]by cocamp on Jun 1, 13 10:44 PM
Skip chips are Green.

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