Flicker and Mouse Tracks

[Post New]by danweldy on Dec 26, 10 5:51 PM
Anyone else having flickering issues and mouse tracks?
This is the only only game that has everhad these symptoms for me.
Windows 7.

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Re:Flicker and Mouse Tracks

[Post New]by PhillieKat on Dec 26, 10 7:15 PM
I have had these as well and I have a brand new, screaming fast laptop with a great video card, etc. The flickering comes and goes. It did it more when I first began the game. I just went really slow so I didn't have a seisure from looking at it! It can be annoying.


Re:Flicker and Mouse Tracks

[Post New]by webgoddessih on Jun 5, 11 6:10 PM
Turn off mouse trails.


Re:Flicker and Mouse Tracks

[Post New]by lavitale13 on Jun 11, 11 11:18 AM
I also have this issue and i JUST got this game having never had such issues with my many previous big fish titles. Has anyone found a solution yet?! it is most distracting and disabling Mouse trails alone are not the problem, the flickering and stuttering of gameplay is too much to bare but i do not want to feel that i have wasted my monies.

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