Friend Wishlist thread Thank you


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Miranda_Serena on Jul 25, 17 10:55 AM
In June the latest update glitched during download to my Miranda game.

The game is back and I achieved the pink and the blue bunnies in two days, along with level 78!

I want to thank BlueBird_101, Sharp_Eye, and GulfCoastPuppy for kindly offering suggestions during the dark days of no game.

Special thanks to Chelsea in customer service who worked patiently with me to reinstall the game.

And a big thank you to friends who sent gifts while I was "away."

And now, back to the game . . .


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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Czoe on Jul 25, 17 11:42 AM
This is a HUGE thank you, not related to wish lists.

Annelliegram, napoeon and all the others who contribute with their finely compiled lists and advice in the MC Helpful Hints threads deserve applause and recognition for their effort to make this game the best ever!

I don't know who all of you are, but your advice, experience, and encouragement mean so much. You exemplify all that is good in a community.


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by JazzzyFoxxxy on Aug 1, 17 4:33 PM
It is not happy people
who are thankful .

It is thankful people
who are happy.

~Author Unknown

....Just keeping it rolling for anyone who may not know that this thread exists



Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by MysteriousMoods on Aug 1, 17 5:43 PM
efi24 wrote:
Valdy wrote:
efi24 wrote:I could use a 100 energy worth pizza right now

I have one, but I can't send it to you, because the friends and gift tabs aren't activated.

I'm kinda hoping that this is like a test for Found's next update...

They already announced there will be no further updates to Found.

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by 1457051 on Aug 1, 17 8:33 PM
In addition to all the many helpful hints from the forum and generous gifts from friends--thank you all!
Also would like to be thankful for Found sending me to play MC in a quest, or I never would have found or tried MC.


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by krot222 on Aug 3, 17 1:39 AM
If somebody is interested, there's an interesting game. You just have to destroy bubbles.

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