please help "Get the Map"

[Post New]by gibbit on Dec 27, 10 8:09 AM
Love this game! I am stuck at "get the map" with the bouncing squares. no clue how to solve.


Re:please help "Get the Map"

[Post New]by Timmy_dev on Dec 28, 10 1:10 AM
gibbit, If the level has name "Stones" you could type "A Magnetic Adventure Stones" into youtube-dot-com to find the solution.

You could also wait for Help-button will be active and push it to see how to solve this puzzle. (at the first time the Help will display just half of the solution, at the second time - the second half)

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Re:please help "Get the Map"

[Post New]by duckyquack on Jun 5, 12 3:18 PM
I'm stuck too on getting the key into the lock across the board as the hint key keeps showing. Any suggestions? I have used the hint button at least four times it just keeps showing the arrows going over the boards to the lock. How do I get the boards out of the way to get to the lock?

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