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A helpful hint.

[Post New]by fulton56 on Dec 27, 10 4:56 PM
If you do not stay in sequence you will get stuck and not be able to get unstuck. I have worked the puzzle twice. It happened both times. I had remembered some of what to do from the first time and went ahead and did the things I could remember. Which got them out of sequence and I got to far ahead to correct it. Now I am stuck again. I also lost my inventory this time too. I think this is a problem that needs fixing. If you aren't finished with a room you should not get locked out of it. So you could go back and do the things you misssed. Or fix it so you can't do them out of sequence.
There is a walk through. Check it often so you want have this problem.


Re:A helpful hint.

[Post New]by carolyndperry on Dec 29, 10 8:09 PM
Where do I find the walkthrough.

Go to: