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stuck on fourth power

[Post New]by mysticmomma on Dec 29, 10 10:28 AM
I am in a room with two green, primitive statues flanking a simple door. both statues are hotspots, but none of my 3 powers (levitate, break, wind) work. I have done everything else. how do I get the 4th power to affect these hotspots and access the exit? Please help. Thanks.

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Re:stuck on fourth power

[Post New]by TeachumWell on Jun 11, 12 3:01 PM
Hi! If you mean the room with the green door, you'll be given the power of fire. I can't recall the order in which I did this, but use your hammer on 2 flat green surfaces. At first nothing happens then cracks appear. As I recall you're given the 4th power after that and then have torch several objects in the room to get the door to partly raise. You can't raise it all the way just click on it and you're in the next area. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I've been trapped in the next room so long I can't remember anything else! Hope this is at all helpful.

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