What is the best world map feature?

[Post New]by ArcheryMask on Dec 30, 10 4:28 AM
Hi everyone,

one of the things, I like in Ballville most of all is the world map. It's great that after completing a level or entering the game right after launch I can spent some time messing around the Orbs city. There are a lot of little things, running everywhere or just staying on their places. I often try to click them and see what will be. Practically always there is funny reaction.

What are your favorite things on the world map?


Re:What is the best world map feature?

[Post New]by Serf2CavSpaniel on Apr 8, 12 9:36 PM
I'm not that far into the game, but so far everything about it's a total blast. Imagine my delight finding that these 'mystery prize crates' to buy with my winnings end up as interactive extras on the landscape I can't decide which I like best so far.... being able to make the volcano blow smoke rings by pressing a button, or the gigantormous turntable that plays a dance beat when you click the mouse on it.. Decisions, decisions...
I also love clicking on the volcano itself to hear the lava go *blop!*.
Beer and chocolate for whoever did the sound fx for this game!
More divine orb silliness to come here, as I have many more levels left to play. Gotta say I think this is the best new M3 that's been released in a looooong time.
OK... back to Ballville! I've got about 471 crowbars left over from my old HOG inventories and can now finally use them to pry open all those prize crates! Huzzah!

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