Big scaredy cat!

[Post New]by scaredycat1 on Dec 30, 10 7:31 AM
Am I the only person who finds this too spooky? I know I'm pathetic but when the ghostly figure ran past the car and the crow flies in front of you in the gnome garden I nearly passed out. I can't bring myself to play the game now as I'm so on edge!

I want to carry on with this game so can anyone advise me if there are many more things jumping out at you as you progress or can you recommend ND games which won't scare the pants off me? I loved the Waverley Academy game but I haven't played any others yet.

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Re:Big scaredy cat!

[Post New]by splitx12345 on Mar 28, 11 11:20 AM
actually you could try secret of the old clock. its not scary at all.

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Re:Big scaredy cat!

[Post New]by jordies on Jun 2, 11 9:13 PM
Don't worry, nothing in this game is going to actually kill u unless you mess up on the swamp, stairs, jet pack, etc. There is no actual ghost and nothing really pops up at you except for the crow every now and then.

I know how you feel. I totally chickened out on The Curse of Blackmoore Manor, but finished it when I realized that when it said find the 'ghost' he ment little plastic ones that glowed purple and smiled . I laughed at how pathetic I acted. It is a E game after all.

But I had to stop playing message in haunted mansion and totally wimped out. Its one of the only ones I never beat because I was terrified.

But the least scarier are:

Ransom at Seven ships; Phantom of Venus (Reallyfun); Danger by Design; last train to blue moon Canon; and Secret of Shadow Ranch.

No ghost in those or a lot of night time in those. I hope I helped and you play the game. It feels great to beat them.

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Re:Big scaredy cat!

[Post New]by Linny394 on Jun 10, 11 7:44 PM
If you don't like scary things then I wouldn't recommend playing Shadow at Water's Edge. It also has the "Yikes! Why is this jumping out at me?!" moments. Some non-scary ones are, as already said, Shadow Ranch and Phantom of Venice. My favorite remains "Legend of the Chrystal Skull", which looks creepier in the beginning than it is. For the most part, after the opening scene, nothing insane jumps out at you. No ghosts, and the only real baddies are men in masks. Another non-scary one was Haunted Carousel, which was surprisingly light. ^_^

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