Frozen in the apothecary shop!

[Post New]by swtshortie08 on Dec 30, 10 6:00 PM
When I'm in the apothecary shop, the game freezes and I am unable to do anything! Is there any solution for this?

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Re:Frozen in the apothecary shop!

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Dec 30, 10 6:25 PM
Hi there swshortie08,
I have just checked the technical difficulties section of this game's forum and have found a number of other people have had the same problem as you. I know this does help right now, but maybe you could also check there to see if there is some advise, especially the information at the top of the post regarding games freezing.
Hope you can get this sorted out so you can continue on with the game.

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Re:Frozen in the apothecary shop!

[Post New]by Jiisa on Dec 31, 10 11:18 PM
Try updating your video card. Big fish has instructions on how to do this in the technical help section - download the drfelix program and send them the info; they'll get back to you with detailed instructions.

I had the same problem with the egg, but everything worked after I updated the video card and restarted my computer.

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