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Problem with smashed piano and boiler room, Help PZ

[Post New]by Sher57 on Dec 30, 10 7:39 PM
I need to use my pliers on the wire to obtain it but I get a popup of things I need to find but I have already did the hidden picture in this area and it does not show any of the items in the picture so I know I already did it but I can't get past it. Also when I go into the boiler room and have to do something with my wrench I also have the same problem. Hidden picture (which I already have done) stops me. What do I do to get this fixed??


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Re:Problem with smashed piano and boiler room, Help PZ

[Post New]by KRSPDS on Dec 31, 10 11:38 PM
To get the wire you do not need another hidden object scene, just go to the piano, select the wire cutters, then click on the wire. With this game you often revisit areas that you have already done the hidden object scene for, but there is something else you need from there - like the light globe from the old car or the jack under the car.
I would suggest that if you cannot revisit the necessary areas, then your version of the game probably has a glitch, try uninstalling and reinstalling. If you still cannot get it to work contact customer service for further help.

Good Luck, enjoy the game and have a wonderful new year!

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