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Please don't use walkthroughs for this game!

[Post New]by Dynastia on Dec 31, 10 8:50 AM

I noticed many gamers hate this type of game and are not shy shouting it is the worst game ever.

This is exactly the type of game that puts you in a situation where you are by yourself in a lovely mansion and it is up to you to find something, and in this case, something that can be very rewarding. Here you have to sit and think. All there is is a multitude of safes to open using your wit and Sherlock Holmes thinking. Should you be in this situation, what would you do? Don't spoil your fun by having others telling you what to do!

It is GREAT! Except for the very few hints that the guy (us, and most definitely a vampire since we cannot see our reflection in mirrors...) tells us here and there. But really I would have done as good and preferred by far not to have that inner voice which is not MINE leading me to the next step in some circumstances. I had decided not to use any walkthrough or hints playing this wonderful adventure and it was WORTH IT! I had a really good time, I spent over 14 hours on it.

Loading and saving times are inexistant. Puzzles done are marked with a green X on the map, the other ones are red. Once an item has been used to get a puzzle done it is also marked with a red X.

The puzzles are different, known ones with a twist, you need to explore every part of the house, open doors, get items and stuff, You need to remember where a safe is so you "walk" a lot from a room to another. I succeeded at every puzzle but I have to admit that for a few I could not figure out how they worked. Nevertheless I got through with them rather easily after practice and clicking. We need nothing else but the hints in the house to go through the game. But try something!

Besides the inner voice that was not necessary and not wanted, clicking was not always smooth. Graphics are gorgeous, the music relaxing.

So enter the mansion, explore, use the map, stop telling yourself that you cannot do it cause it will come to your mind if you let it work. If you feel stuck, save it and leave it. Come back when you are well rested. Believe me, it is worth it, that's the reason why you bought the game at first! To FIND THE TRUTH by yourselves. Take YOUR time to solve it! I see no interest in "playing" this game if you will not PLAY it!

I definitely would buy any sequel.

The inner voice stole part of my fun to solve the puzzles all by myself, so I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Re:Please don't use walkthroughs for this game!

[Post New]by Photocrazy1 on Sep 23, 14 3:01 AM
I am tired of seeing people give a game a low rating because it is "too hard". The point of a game is for you to have to use your head and common sense to figure it out. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that I had to right click to get to the inventory, and that all you had to do is point and click an area to get the inventory where you wanted it, but that is the point. I haven't finished the game yet, but so far I like it a lot.

I used to work with someone, we were all taking about the show Jeopardy, she said "I don't like Jeopardy, it is too hard, I like Whammy." This was before it was called Whammy, it was called Press Your Luck. I hated the game, the questions were so simple a 5 year old could answer most of them.

If you think it is too hard, don't rate it, I always read the low ratings to see why they rated it so low, many times it is because it is too hard. I want to be challenged, that is why I go though many trial games before I find one I like.


Re:Please don't use walkthroughs for this game!

[Post New]by tx3000 on Sep 23, 14 9:30 AM
I give this game a low rating because of how piss poor of a job the developers did when the made it..

See the topic in the link below for what I'm talking about:


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