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Treeforts level timed (solved)

[Post New]by NormaNorman on Jan 1, 11 6:03 PM
Can anyone give me a walkthrough for Treeforts (timed level.) This is the one with the hoverboards surrounded by bushes in the future world section of the game. I have the basics down, and can do it on casual, but timed is beyond me.

I want to get the timed level done as this is the only way to open up the bonus level.



I did a better Google search, and I got it. Not gold, but perfectly adequate. The strategy is simple. Lead the tank down to the bottom circle, and have it hit one bush. Keep leading the tank around clockwise and have it hit one bush each circle up to the top circle. Then start on the hoverboards, but not before. Get the top circle's hoverboards, then go counter-clockwise gathering boards as you go. At the end of that you should have enough to invade the next bush circle going counter-clockwise (at the 5:00 position. Gather bushes and ignore hoverboards and you should be set!

Good luck.

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Re:Treeforts level timed (solved)

[Post New]by JumpingGen on Jan 4, 11 4:51 PM
Awesome, thanks for the tip! I was struggling with the level too, but your strategy worked great.


Re:Treeforts level timed (solved)

[Post New]by mathpup on Feb 4, 11 10:18 AM
Oh, thank you! I thought I would NEVER get past those stoopud trees!

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