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Bird Cage Key???

[Post New]by allielubaka on Jan 2, 11 11:53 AM
Did the "Find the Item" list in the room under the steps..."Hint" keeps taking me back to bird cage. Went into Walkthrough, and it seems there was a key on the locked suitcase...after finding all items...before and after...I did not find a key - where is it?

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Re:Bird Cage Key???

[Post New]by KRSPDS on Jan 2, 11 8:39 PM
If you completed the hidden object scene under the stairs then you would have gotten the key off the seat of the tricycle. This is the key to the birdcage - in your inventory there should be a key, if you hover the cursor over that key it will say cage key. The window behind the couch/sofa will need to be opened before you can use the key.

Good Luck.

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