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high score files

[Post New]by NutMeg1987 on Jan 2, 11 8:57 PM
So I've gotten gold on all levels with three different players. I want to go back now and try to beat gold time on all levels to get the final trophy. Problem is, my level one score is :14 (don't remember how I did that). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it kept the scores I'd gotten before. Is there a file where the high scores are stored that I could delete? Or is there a better solution?


Re:high score files

[Post New]by workforwine on Jan 4, 11 4:24 PM
There must be something we're missing. I have GOLD on every single level and the best times; my name is in RED for the best time of EVERY single level but I can't seem to get the very last trophy; The Crazy Farmer. Ive tried to delete user then replay..not sure what I'm missing either


Re:high score files

[Post New]by bee1122 on Apr 3, 11 10:54 AM
BFG, do you hear us?

This game has what essentially amounts to an unattainable trophy. Please provide a little help as to how the Best Time records can be reset. I have also tried uninstall/reinstall. I have scoured my registry and deleted what I could find, and even uninstalled/reinstalled my BFG Game Manager. Nothing works.

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