Need help unlocking cashier

[Post New]by greenshalese on Jan 4, 11 8:34 AM
I have been playing Sally's studio for a while. I have expert ranking on almost all stages. I want to know how to do I access the cashier and the greeter from the premium store? I do not even know where to find it. Is this a glitch in my game? I have got all the other items and upgrades for staff.


Re:Need help unlocking cashier

[Post New]by KlTTYKAT on Feb 4, 11 5:54 PM
Your problem is you need the collectors edition. The colletor shop (where you get the greeter, cashier, etc..) is in the collectors edition. Hope I helped.

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Re:Need help unlocking cashier

[Post New]by Minuet888 on Nov 25, 13 3:47 PM
Where is this premium store??? I don't have the option of getting a greeter or a cashier!!!???

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