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[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Mar 20, 17 3:10 PM
Howdy Everyone,

I just needed to swim by quickly to make sure that all of our players are aware of and try their best to follow our Forum Rules when posting. Specifically, I'd like to discuss the following rule:

Make sure your posts are constructive and add to the conversation on the forums. Posting just to "level up" or "bump" discussions is considered SPAM. Posts that are not game related will be removed.

Posting the same material multiple times in multiple places, especially when it is off topic, is considered spam and will have appropriate action taken when it is found.

Thank you for your time. If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.



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[Post New]by mimolettecheese on Mar 20, 17 4:17 PM

Just started playing!


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[Post New]by Scottishtoast on Mar 22, 17 6:11 AM
Hi everyone, I've been reading through this thread and wonder if someone can clarify this for me. The little red or green icons showing at the top left corner of my friends rectangles... what does the red mean? Is it that they are not active in the game at this moment or have they left the game completely? Can we ever know? If I send a gift to my friend with a red icon does that friend ever get it or am I just wasting inventory? Thanks all

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Mar 23, 17 12:11 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in here and help address the question presented in this thread. The red and green icons are meant to show players if their friend is inactive or active. Red equals that the player has been inactive for some time, while the green shows that they are active. We are aware that some players are experiencing technical issues with these icons and have passed this along to the Midnight Castle teams. Once any information is brought to our attention, we will update the forums. Players are welcome to reach out to the Midnight Castle Support Team if they would like to aid in the investigation of that particular issue. Please provide your player ID and a screenshot of what is appearing. Just in case it's needed, I'll include help pages below:

What is an in-game ID?
Taking A Screenshot

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the Active Moderators. We are happy to help in any way that we can.



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[Post New]by Chelle_Cat2 on Mar 23, 17 12:31 PM
Hi y'all. I have read that I need "tons" of friends for Spring Event. If you need same, please add me. I try very hard to be good gifter, but sometimes I do not have wishlist item. So even if you need "regular" friend, please feel free to add me.

I am on level 75 so have been around for a while but I still learn lots from forum. This includes Spring Room's Spring Terrace (bunny in basket that's above your pet). I am guessing it opens when Spring Event starts.

Play as Chelle



Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Chelle_Cat2 on Mar 23, 17 6:27 PM
Hi again.

I have a friend in real life who has just started playing MC. She needs some MC friends and said okay if I ask people to invite her to be a friend.

She plays as Horsse and her friend code is i2424693.

Thanks. Chelle


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[Post New]by orchidsprite on Mar 24, 17 11:16 AM
Please add. My friend code is i2430482. Thanks!


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[Post New]by orchidsprite on Mar 25, 17 3:09 AM
Sorry, I erased my iPad and reinstalled the game. Now, my game progress is gone, so new friends code: i2430720. Thanks!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by tutorqueen on Mar 27, 17 4:02 PM
GI need some new active friends. My id is i205162. I play daily and will send gifts to anyone if I have them available. Just send a request. Thanks in advance.

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[Post New]by Rav_Moonshadow on Apr 1, 17 5:08 PM
Hi... I'm looking for some more friends...
I'm an everyday player even though I'm a
fairly new player (level 45)... 8 friends..
I think I'm a good friend to those that have
helped me along my quests (Thank You)

Shoot me a request & I'd enjoy keeping
The karma moving...
i2359217 Ravaella Moonshadow


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[Post New]by Emserai on Apr 3, 17 2:46 AM
Hi, I am a new player who would like to try adding friends to my game. I will add some codes from this page.
My code is i2423551


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[Post New]by wrenmagiccastle on Apr 3, 17 11:04 PM
Hi all, I'm a new player (level 22) but play daily and need friends.... I gift! Thanks! i2423985 (Name: Wren)

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Azpotter on Apr 3, 17 11:12 PM
Hi Everyone,
I would like to get some friends for the Spring Event ONLY! No Gifting involved please. So if you would like to add me to your 'flock' of friends If you would like me to add you to mine PLEASE ADD AN SE to the end of your name/id as I am only accepting friends for the Spring Event. My flock is full and more than I can gift to right now.
NOTE: 4/9/2017 I have removed my id as I have received many friends for the SE. thank you!

Edited on 04/09/2017 at 11:19:56 PM PST


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[Post New]by _phoenix on Apr 6, 17 4:27 AM
Hi everyone, I'm on level 76 and would like to add a few more friends. I'm playing as Phoenix and my code is i31346.


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Thewerecatqueen on Apr 7, 17 4:55 AM
i2333549 Playing as Nic the Werecat queen level 28


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Roryduck21 on Apr 9, 17 8:56 PM
Hi! My id code is i2404162 username is Roryduck


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[Post New]by Cherbunny on Apr 9, 17 9:58 PM
My ID code is i1928754 and user name is Cher on level 68. I could use more friends so please add me.


Edited...I forgot a number.sorry!

Edited on 04/23/2017 at 6:28:28 PM PST


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by jls821ttu on Apr 10, 17 8:41 AM
Hey everyone. I've been playing a while but a lot of my friends seem to have quit playing. Looking to add new friends.
i403951 Level 61
Happy Easter egg hunting!


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by desi_ree on Apr 10, 17 9:17 AM
my code is i556428


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Lornasomebody on Apr 10, 17 2:10 PM
i2394557 level 34 daily player add me I gift

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