Ready for the special room

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Dec 28, 17 8:35 AM
Dang it I forgot to leave the letter for Mrs' Fletcher warning her DO NOT try and lift Salty's gift it is to heavy it being a special new berrie press that he can not make some more exotic wines that I am sure everyone will enjoy more so PTG
Am so glad this awsome suite is warm seeing I am dangling over the roof of the Tea Room on a rope being held by Frost ,,,, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Frost DO NOT SNEE E
A A A A A CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHEW I landed in a bush not on the Tea Rooms roof that would have been a real disater, owie owie owie that no bush that is a huge Catus great now I feel like a porkipick
Owie Doc Owie Doc helpppppppppppppppp

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by playingthegame on Dec 28, 17 2:54 PM
Everyone is in a joyous mood now that Santa Cap'n Bob has doled out all his wonderful gifts.
It is rather unfortunate for him that he has just made a rapid and unplanned descent into the only prickly cactus in the area.
Several of my partner's areclamouring to have the privilege of removing the needles from his nether regions.
However he wishes to retain his modesty, especially as it has recently been exposed all too often in the hospital wing.
Roo's salve is at hand and he grabs it and swiftly disappears into the Tea Room kitchen.
All goes quiet as we all wait for the feminine squeals erupting from our worthy cook!
But not a sound.just a few unseemly grunts .
My magical broom disappears through the door and there is soon the swishing of cacti needles being deposited back onto their owner.
Cap'n Bob returns to the room with a very Rosey glow followed by Mrs Fletcher grinning from ear to ear and holding a large pair of tweezers.
All is well once more at this festive time!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by dandydog on Dec 28, 17 4:42 PM
What in the world have you got yourself into this time dear Captain?... ...Hummmm....Sigh....Hummmm..... Nope can't do it this way....Sigh....No! PTG!.....I most diffidently will not just rip Roos special salved filled bandages off and just get started yanking out those Cactus Spines!...Now if you can't stop laughing your Fool Head off....Huff..Huff..You can just leave!... ....That's right....Get your caboose out and don't come back until you can be Civil to our Sweet Santa Captain who brings us all such wonderful Gifts... ....Knock!...Knock!..Roo dear could you please answer the door?.......Oh!....Oh!.....Angel 's here with drawing paper and colored pencils cleverly hidden in her Day Planner? Oh dear me...This is getting to be way to much for this Modest Old Fashion Home Town Gal to comprehend!.... ....So Dear Friends......With tightly Closed Eyes...I proceed to carefully remove the last few spines.... then... .. it's off to the kitchen I scoot making my largest Mug of Honey Rum for the Poor Dear Old Codger!.......And if that Rascal PTG try's to sneak in to laugh some more... ...please let me know and it will be no more special treats for him for quite a while!....... . .

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Dec 28, 17 4:43 PM
Well now that is out in the open * chuckle* NOT and how in the heck did Doc turn into Mrs'Fletcher???How in the world am I everrrrrrrr going to look her in the eye now,,, Imean come on there is rump roast then there MY RUMP ROAST.

And PTG you doorknob you can wipe that silly smirk off your face.........I know you love me being the but of your jokes and my misfourtunie but sheesh man.

I tenderly reach for my now can be called Pin Cushion down under area,,, anyone have a dougnut I can borrow>>>

Um Mrs Fletcher dear you can put them tweezers away I think you got them all as I turn a bright red that matches my now holy britches .

I spy Angel writing in her day planer like crazy ON NOOOOOOOOO she is puting this down ,,, good thing she CAN NOT draw === or can she???????
Good thing that camera of hers is still in the Shop getting fixed=== or is it????

Man I will never live this one down. I need a drink.............

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by playingthegame on Dec 29, 17 2:56 PM
We are all in the Tea Room admiring the generous gifts that have just appeared. The Cap'n however is still standing due to his recent attempt to fly.
Roo's salve has been returned to the HOS Repository.
As my partner is still somewhat out of sorts, it falls to me as the AC2 to.take over and formulate plans on the prevailing evils that surround us
.It has begun to snow outside in keeping with the festive the others rush outside for more fun and games.

Ah well! Time to resume our discussion later and so I follow them out through the door, and:
I am bombarded with wet snow balls accompanied by shrieks of delight!
I make a swift and rather soggy retreat back into the Tea Room and watch my partner s chase each other found the hill near the Castle like children.
I rely some rather colorful figures on the far slope hurtling down towards the most, so I ask my broom to get me a spyglass (UK English = telescope) from the Repository to get a closer look
They are the Winter avatars also having fun.
However,not everyone out there is enjoying th seasonal weather..
The urchins at the frozen moat side who are selling the holiday wands and gift boxes are bus with the cold.
I turn and call to Mrs Fletcher to get some bowls of her special hot soup.

(To be continued!)

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by playingthegame on Dec 29, 17 9:40 PM
With these on a tray I am just about to go back outside when I spy slight movement's in the snow on the far slope.
I pick up my spyglass to get a better look.
I am astonished to see the pristine snow being flattened into large footsteps and which a making straight for my frolicking partner's!
Instinctively I rush back to the door and tell at my partner's:

"Emergency, emergency! Return here NOW!"
I turn to Cap'n Bob and hand him the spyglass.
"What are those??*
He takes one look and goes a ghastly white
"Those are TROLL footprints!"

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by riddler01 on Dec 30, 17 1:49 PM
Sorry I have not left a note here, been playing, but not nearly as much as usual, been battling, this horrible FLU, I'm getting better, but now my wife, and newest grandbaby
(Mr. Big I call him) Axel Ray have it bad! Someday I will catch up, and thank you, my dearest, insane, mutant, friends for understanding!!!!

Riddler, apparently the cough and flu master!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Dec 30, 17 1:50 PM
@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#$%^&^%^&*() craponacracker how in He** did that thing get here and ???? and invisable and no smell OH CRACKY THIS IS BAD.
Ole hot head Murk has discovered the invisable potion??? or has made one up ,,, wait I have an idea PTG shhhh do not say a word because the gang out there will panic and that is all that THING needs seeing they can NOT see nor smell it they will head right to it,,,

I grab Alya's spare bow and arrow grab a table cloth *** sorry Mrs.Fletcher **** wrap it around the arrow tip and soak it in my Honey Rumm glass,,, okay PTG can you hold your spy glass on the Bow so I can aim at it??? good man now light me up and watch it fly...
I see that uggly thing getting closer to our gang and not being able to see it fully I am for the foot prints then aim up I let it fly and by the scream I hit it see green blood squirt out so it was a good hit ,,,
I call Frost come to me and make it snow a littel harder so the gang can not see you and grab that TROLL and fly it to Atlantis to Madusa she will take care of it and turn it to stone,,,,, I sense Frost and hear a WHOOSHHHHHHH and know he got that thing and hear the screams of delight from the gang as they have a great time snowball fighting. none the wiser.
I slap PTG on the back good job MSIC now lets take that soup to the kiddies like nothing happened.
PTG my good man we have a major problem here that is what I was trying to warn you about Murk is macking use of the Tunnels we have to find and block them ,,, I need to talk to Roo and Grim I have an idea but will need them both

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by dandydog on Dec 30, 17 2:17 PM
OMG! Bing! Did you see that heroic thing that Captain Randy did with the help of PTG?... ....Of course I don't mind if they used one of my tablecloths....Psssst... was an old one anyhoo....My oh my... Riddler dear... ...I see that an nasty old flu bug has tak'un hold of not only you but one of your precious Grand baby's too?...We can't have that no siree bob tail....Bing and I are sending your way lot's of my Special Tea Room Chicken Noodle Soup along with some of Roo's Herb menthol rubs to help with the flu's aches and pains OK?.....Be well soon dear Friend....

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Dec 30, 17 4:31 PM
Hey Riddler ,
Sorry to hear that nasty flu bug got you and the grand baby but with Mrs.Fletchers Chicken Noddle soup and Roo's special rub you will be back on yer leggin's in no time and I could have Frost frezze ya till da bug dies and when ya thaws out ya be right as rain.
Take care and warm my friend and the lill guy to.



Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Dec 30, 17 5:37 PM
Time for me to check myself in and claim a room as mine. Between my addiction to this game and the stresses at work, I can really use a place to go where no one in the real world can find me.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by dandydog on Dec 31, 17 5:00 AM
Yes indeedy Amethyst dear.. ....As soon as I send this Special Tea Room Noodle Soup off to Poor Flu ridden Riddler....Hummmm... ...Let's see here....After reading about Your MC Addiction (We All have that Dear... ...) and Stresses at Work? Oh My...Sigh... ...we will make that a Deluxe Room OK?...But first Amethyst dear...You do know that Captain Randy and Second in Demand PTG have to give Their "Meet & Greet Welcomes" too for it to be Official like.... and.... of course there's the Extra Special Huggy Jacket our Sweet Roo Makes for All of our Slightly Insane Residents......


Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Dec 31, 17 8:14 AM
Why thank you for the welcome dandy dog. Do take your time delivering the soup, I am more than happy to wait. That deluxe room sounds great!

Well, you see, the work situation is a long and complicated story involving a ransomware virus, unusable software, piles of work and total hardware failure. Oh, and a boss who thinks no one should have breaks at all. Let us just say that I am over a month behind due to all of this in my work and it isn’t looking good.

I will just take up space on this tooo comfortable couch here in the lobby to await the welcome speeches and that nice huggy jacket.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by AuntieRoo on Dec 31, 17 9:02 AM
I'm sitting here minding my own business when suddenly I see rays of sunshine dancing infront of me.I look up just as a huge bucket of turkey legs,potatoes & other waste products lands in my face!

"Oh " I cry out " Not on my new all weather jacket!" A head peers at me & I hear a nervous voice say " Is that you Roo?"
"Yes dandydog" I reply followed by a huge sigh.
"Do you hide in dumpsters often?" dandydog asks.A little peeved sarcasm gets the better of me.
"Only in dumpsters that have 'CARDBOARD ONLY' written on the front in large capital letters"

Suddenly sheepish dandydog says "Oops...I didn't notice that.I was just helping out Mrs Fletcher.Do you need a hand out of there"
I am quick to reply "I'm not going anywhere until I know that Randys pet Frost has gone"
The expression on dandydogs face turns to one of shock!!!
"Surely your not afraid of Frost,he is cute,friendly & gives awesome rides?"

"Under normal circumstances I would agree,now please tell me if he has gone"
dandydog nods & helps me out.As I stand there still trying to pick off lumps of Christmas pudding etc from my lovely jacket,I see that dandydog is waiting for an explaination & having sworn her to secrecy I go ahead.

"This beautiful NEW jacket,which I am wearing for the first time ,has been especially re-fashioned for me,by Kaley.Since PTG took away my stash of bombs & dynamite I have been slowly gathering replacements to fill the extra inside pockets,which are exactly the perfect size.That being said & being a cautious person,there is no way I'm standing anywhere near a fire breathing dragon.I hiccup from Frost & I'm Toast!!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Dec 31, 17 9:13 AM
PTG and I deliver that piping hot soup and home made bisquicks from our darling Mrs Fletcher.
I laugh and say to PTG they all look like snowballs they are having so much very needed fun.
It warms my heart to see them so happy and relaxed now because I know what is in store for us.
SPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLAT I take one to the back of my head and a howling of laughter bursts from the gang,,, I put on a fake growl face and yell OKAY WHO DARE
You would all be in a sorry state if I was not holding this tray of soup but I will get ya and yer lill dog to WOHAHAHAHAHAHA
I hear CAP CAP CAP CAP ,,, dandydog slips on the ice and falls into my arms and goes beet red,, I chuckle what is the emergincy Pup???
Oh pardon my feet Sar seems I forgot my boots but please come I have some one for you to meet she looks over my shoulder you to PTG.
I just met a very stressed out Lady that would like to join our happy slightly insane group here, her name is Amethyst and Cap she really needs us but I said she needs to pass your inspection and PTG if need be *** she winks***
Okay Pup lead the way you know I love to rescue a Lady and have more in our happy go nutso family here,,,,
We head of to the Foyer to greet and meet Miss Amethyst who is looking worse for wear , and half asleep on the couch...........
I cough as not to scare her and say Miss Amethyst is it?? Pleased to meet you I am Cap Randy lead and head nut case of this lunnie toonie group I hear you would like to join us??
And this is PTG as I turn to introduce him as my Second in Command when I am away and craponacracker you guessed it he is not there and I spy him in a heated snowball fight with DD and Angel ... Oh he is going be buried alive by those two lol
Sorry about that he can be such a kid and a real door knob,,, now please tell me about yourself//////////////////////////


Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Dec 31, 17 12:10 PM
Half asleep on the couch and not kiddingly, it really is extremely comfortable, a noise wakes me. Blurry eyed, I waken to some one standing over me and introducing himself and someone not there. Glancing around Cap Randy, I spot the snowball fight outside, though not clearly as I seem to missing my spectacles.

“Hello, Cap Randy, nice to meet you. I am Indeed Amethyst.” Barely spotting my specs on a nearby table, I pick them up and put them on. “Ahhh, that’s better. Now I can see you clearly.” And the snow fun going on behind Cap Randy.

“I am here to check myself in to get some rest and distress. I Have a game addiction to get over and need a real vacation from work.” Before I can say more, a walking snowman comes in the door saying something unintelligible. “You might want to turn around,” I say to Cap Randy.

Cap Randy turned, gasped in exasperation and excused himself to see to this new turn of events. In the meantime, I see another lady walk in looking just as haggard as I am feeling.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Dec 31, 17 12:20 PM
After we buried PTG, who was wearing at least 3 layers of thermal clothing, in a bombardment of snowballs...maybe a barrage, a barge, or a three-car garage...I was cold, wet and in need of stiff cup of warm, steamy tea. Bring on the chewy matcha!

The tearoom’s fireplace was doing its job. The room was cozy warm. Captain Randy and dandydog were standing near a groggy, prone person, trying to get her to talk. She seemed to want/need sleep/rest.

Taking the opposite side of the room, I snugged down in my favorite snuggly armchair.... the perfect spot for jotting all one’s creative thoughts.

Since I needed something to write on and there are never paper napkins in the tearoom (only luxurious linens here), I acquired a collection of plain stamps because they come on note-sized pads from the HOS repository. I watched PTG once and found out how to breach the barred wooden door. I took a small stack of plain stamp notepads along with Invisible Ink to use it in my beautiful, white-feather quill.

Having the needed components for creating... here it goes. The feather knows what to do and gets to it. I hold the paper flat while the quill dips the pointy end of itself in the ink and puts the creative thoughts to plain stamp paper.

So Tired

The sky is orange,
Purple, and red.
The grass is green.
I need a bed.
Where have you bean?

How in the Sky Do You Fly?

A snowball doth fly
Into your little eye.
Don’t you dare cry
Since you have another!

Music Making

Shall you listen to me,
With ear to the door?
Come hither,
Not yon,
And play your

When I Was Just Little Grill

When I was just a little grill
I climbed upon a giant’s back
I expected just a little thrill
Not a hack! hack! hack!
There, there big fellow...
(now a foul shade of yellow)
Cough it up and spit it out!
A giant can be such a crazy lout...
But what to my wandering right-eye did he spew?
Lots of peach pits in honey rum brew.

I have yet to read the quill’s creative, written works. I haven’t found the way to reveal the words, as of yet!!!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by virginiabreeze on Dec 31, 17 2:29 PM
If there is still room, I would also like to check in. I need somewhere where I can relax. Over the last few months I had to care for someone I love very much, and between that, work and starting the game over (PC crashed) I could use some quiet (and maybe some laughs). No need for that special snuggy jacket, I can knit or crochet my own (maybe out of some spare dust bunnies).

But no angora wool, I am allergic to it.

Your friend, Grim, is not an angora rabbit?

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by Sharp_Eye574363 on Dec 31, 17 6:37 PM
After we buried PTG in a bombardment of snowballs, I followed DD into Mrs. Fletcher's Tea Room, and as she went in search of tea, I went for the coffee as I never seemed to acquire the taste for tea in any configuration.

While DD went off to do some writing, I decided to open my new lovely day planner with the beautiful colored pencils inside because I saw Cap. Randy and Dandydog talking to someone I hadn't seen before so I thought I'd just make a sketch in case we need it later. After all, who knows who's who these days, what with all the evil surrounding us again lately.

Just as I finish the sketch, in comes another newcomer! Well, isn't that just the strangest thing?! Two newcomers in one day? I better do another sketch, and I'll just keep them both safe in my day planner for future reference, if needed. Who knows....there may be a story to be had and the editor has been complaining about no pictures to go with my articles lately. I tried to explain about my camera still being in the shop getting fixed so sketches will have to do for now.

I wonder how PTG is faring under all that snow? When we left him, he looked very much like a snowman..........


Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Dec 31, 17 8:54 PM
As I continued to sit and wait, I started to look around. I saw the beautifully decorated hearth and the warm fire burning in the fire place as well as a number of people ingaged in various activities. When I looked back toward the door, I saw a lady entering who looked like she needed to get away as much as me. I started to get up to talk to her when I got waylaid by someone carrying a tray of cups of hot liquid.

“Would you like some hot tea?” He asked withou introducing himself.

Looking at the cups dubiously, I grudgingly accepted. Don’t get me wrong, I do like tea but something seemed off about the look and smell of this tea. My first sip as he walked away told me I wasn’t off the mark. I don’t know what was in it, but it wasn’t a flavor that I have had before. I politely put the cup on the closest table and ignored it.

Sighing, I noticed a buffet counter with hot drinks and snacks. Feeling a bit peckish, I checked it out and came away with a cup of good tea and some cookies. I returned to my couch to enjoy my snack and continue my people watching.

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