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Drop items?

[Post New]by vonniefaye on Jan 8, 11 10:16 AM
Is there any way to drop unwanted items? I picked up the tool box and could not put it down. I was running around like a crazy being able to use only one hand. I tried right clicking, but nothing happened. Anyone else have that problem? I can't find a trash can.

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Re:Drop items?

[Post New]by azerena on Feb 5, 11 5:23 PM
You can't pick up the tool box unless a machine is broken and you can't get rid of it without fixing the machine. You can put water and towels back by clicking on each machine. You can't put back orange juice (again, you can only pick it up when someone wants it and you have to give it to someone to get rid of it) or the muffin.

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