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Occupied Bathroom

[Post New]by sgaus99 on Jan 8, 11 5:04 PM
Ok, this is probably something simple, but I can't get into the bathroom, even though there are the red sparkles around keeps saying "occupied", what am i missing? I am also struggling with the many valves do you need? I have 2, but I think there might be 4? I can't get the barometer to stick on the upper left side of the assuming this is where it goes. ANY HELP is greatly appreciated.


Re:Occupied Bathroom

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jan 8, 11 5:45 PM
if it keeps saying occupied you cant get another hidden object scene there until you complete something else. on the generator there are pipes you have to hook up it will show a hand they are at the top of the screen you only have two valves you place and the lights will turn green (top two) you remove both gauges and put one back on top and one other handle i cant remember where i got it but i placed it over the gauge and it worked dont know how!!

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