How to play

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jan 8, 11 5:23 PM
If you keep going back to all the places you have been you will eventually get hidden object scenes that will give you something that you need, also you need to move your cursor all over the scene in case you get a eye which will open something up. sometimes you get something that doesnt tell you what you are supposed to do, but i try to use things i have in my inventory it usually tells me (if i use the wrong thing) that i am being silly or stupid whatever, but pay it no attention.
For example on the door where you used the eye and the key card from the sad robot i used the robot arm and placed it in the case IT WORKED You have to keep going back to the diary to find out what you are to do next it doesnt tell you where to go or how to use what you have, but you can figure it out after you have travelled back and forth 20 miles or so. I like the game it really will make your brain work til you finish in a week or more

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