[Post New]by jadegamegirl on Jan 8, 11 7:49 PM
Okay, I finally finished the game and was able to get the superstar on all levels. However, I don't think I have all the trophies since the locker seems empty on the 1st level. Does anyone knows what are all the trophies?



[Post New]by whitepriestess on Jan 9, 11 6:41 AM
I think I know which missing trophy you're referring to. Here are the ones I got (remembering off the top of my head lol):

completely upgrading the TV
completely upgrading both toppers (there are 2 trophies for each one)
completely upgrading the oven
completely upgrading Jill's shoes
buying all the interior upgrades
getting 3 or more sugar rushes in a single level
trophies for completing 20, 40, 60, and 80 levels (there are 4 trophies)
completely upgrading one of the frosters
completing the game
completing the game with superstar on all levels

I think the trophy that's missing is the one that looks like a colored shopping bag. I saw it in the trailer here. I think it's one for never throwing away a cake but there seems to be a bug with getting this trophy. I've tried many ways to get this one but it never appears so either I'm wrong in what this trophy is or it's a bug. I contacted the developer about it so they're looking into it.



[Post New]by jadegamegirl on Jan 9, 11 2:04 PM
Thanks so much for your reply whitepriestess. I thought that it would be for collecting all the trophies and I thought for sure that there would have been a trophy for getting 100,000 points. As I was slightly short of 100,000, I thought this might have been it. I'm replaying to see if I'll receive any trophy to go over 100,000 points...that is if I can get there



[Post New]by whitepriestess on Jan 10, 11 3:07 AM
Ahh I'd forgotten to mention the trophies for getting certain amounts of points. XD

I'm not sure whether there is a trophy for getting over 100,000 points. I did get that amount at the end of the game but there seems to be a bug with this part. My score got reverted back to 10,000-something. I contacted the developer about this as well.

Yeah, I thought the missing trophy would be for buying everything but I'm not sure whether there is one. One of my friends was able to buy everything but she never got a trophy for that so I'm guessing there probably isn't one.



[Post New]by dianaincognito on Aug 25, 11 2:18 PM
Does anyone have a complete list of trophies and how to get them? Thx!!



[Post New]by dianaincognito on Feb 12, 13 4:30 PM
Well ... have earned 19 trophies at game end. The following is a list of trophies I've achieved --- however, there seems to be a spot for one more on the top shelf.

The TV
Both Toppers (there are 2 separate trophies)
The Oven
ONE of the Frosters (I have all frosters fully upgraded but you only need to fully upgrade one)
Jill's Shoes
Gran's Decorating Station

Purchasing ALL "Interior" Upgrades
Getting 3 or More Sugar Rushes in a Single Level
Completing 20, 40, 60, and 80 levels (that's 4 separate trophies)
Completing the Game
Completing the Game with "Superstar" on ALL Levels
Achieving 1,000 pts. trophy
Achieving 10,000 pts. trophy
Achieving 50,000 pts. trophy
Not Losing A Single Customer

Sooooo, that's 19 trophies in all. There appears to be an empty space on the top shelf between the "All Superstar" trophy and the "Sugar Rush" trophy .......... does anyone know what that should be and how to achieve it?????

I have completely upgraded EVERYTHING from the equipment to the interior - NO trophy for that. (possible glitch??? dunno ... plus, while a full upgrade of every other piece of equipment earned a trophy, upgrading fully the cookie and freezer gained NO awards ... another glitch??? ... seems strange that every other piece of equipment awarded a fully upgrade trophy except those two???)

I have over 100,000 points, but no trophy was awarded (possible glitch??? dunno ...)

I did have to throw a cake or two away throughout the game, however, I have read in another forum that others have made it through the entire game without doing so and were NOT awarded a trophy for never tossing a cake. (another possible glitch????? hmmmmm ..........)

Anywho ... here is my list. It appears there is at least 1 space for an additional trophy on the top shelf.

A big shout out "THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU" to any/all who can please answer this question!!!

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[Post New]by tamk42 on Feb 17, 13 12:28 PM
This is definitely a glitch....I've gone through the game without losing a single good including the one in the tutorial, (but just skipping the tutorial)....I even scored well over 100,000 and I even tried selling something and buying it all's a bit annoying to people like me who try to get all the Mania is not new, you would think they would have tested it better than that.... Oh well....Oh well....what do they care really?? we just keep buying the games don't we?

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