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15 counters in a row?

[Post New]by lucyfres on Jan 9, 11 12:21 PM
Does this mean stocking 15 items in a row or what? I don't get this one.

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Re:15 counters in a row?

[Post New]by stingstungme on Feb 26, 13 1:32 PM
glueleg wrote:The 15 counters in a row means that you have to click the moves that you want Nikki to make ahead of time. For example, if Nikki is making a milkshake, you can click on the empty shelves etc. so that she will automatically go and fill the shelves after she makes the milkshake. When you click an advance action, there will be a number showing where you clicked. Click 15 moves in advance, and you will get the achievement. I hope this helps!! (and I hope that I made sense!)

Well ain't I the slow one!

I thought it meant you had to buy 15 upgrade counters in a row.

I would buy some counters, play the game, buy some more counters. It never worked. Then I thought you had to upgrade 15 counters in a row uninterrupted. So I deleted my profile and started over. I was trying to figure up how much money I needed to save but didn't feel like doing the math.

I came to the forum to figure that out.

But it is just a queue of 15 clicks.

Hmmm. People have said I have a way of complicating things.

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