Beach dig.Please help.

[Post New]by tammydogx1 on Jan 9, 11 7:23 PM
I have been digging for ages and still cannot find the right spot.Please help,
I have been following the kidnappers instructions but must be doing something wrong.
Many thanks Tammydog 1


Re:Beach dig.Please help.

[Post New]by fishy_shell01 on Apr 18, 11 4:17 PM
All you have to do is check the note, when you come to an object. Multiply the number of appendages on it by the number next to the index. For example, if you walk to a tree that has 2 leaves on it, and the number next to the index says X 3, just for example, that would require 2 X 3 steps away from it: 6 steps. If you're on the left, go left. If you're on the right, go right. If you're behind it, north, go north. If you're south of the tree, rocks or bush, go south. You may come up on the left by going north, count the appendages, multiply the number next to the X (X 3, X 2) You have to multiply the number of leaves, rocks, etc time that number and go that many steps. You know you are right when you walk up to another object and have to turn. Hope it helps.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Beach dig.Please help.

[Post New]by JR32 on Jul 3, 11 8:45 PM
Where do you start the dig

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Re:Beach dig.Please help.

[Post New]by Gembirdie on Oct 6, 12 8:30 PM
You have to find a group of 4 palm trees that are arranged in a W shape. They are due east when you come in, if I recall correctly.

The other thing that threw me off is that the thick squat palm trees don't count as one object, rather you have to use the number of their leaves as your object number. Once you do that, and you start from below the right group of trees, it is simple.

Good luck!

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