Pointless objects?

[Post New]by Misti_Anne on Jan 10, 11 12:19 PM
does anyone know if the Raven Earring, The Inkpad & Stamp or the Wheel of Cheese actually have a use? It seems odd having so many objects that you can pick up but do nothing with.


Re:Pointless objects?

[Post New]by chinadoll52 on May 10, 14 11:28 PM
I suspect the ink stamp is reference only. Note the drawer where the pad and stamp were retrieved has multiple ink messages from the stamp "return to arthur". Searching for reference to this message. The cheese is merely a byproduct after using the cloth needed to make apple cider. No clue to the raven earring as of yet. Suspect it has something to do with all of the birds on the island, and thus merely represent jewelry worn by husband/wife owners as she enjoyed watching the birds, but hated the water.

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