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Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by Lolacar on Jan 12, 11 3:53 AM
Hi i have tried this level more than 15 times and i cannot get expert, i have even done the walkthough of this level, is there any tips that can be given to me to assist me through this level, as it is very frustrating. Please help ........

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Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Jan 13, 11 2:07 PM
Hi Lolacar!

I haven't been able to find any tips on Level 3.5 in particular, but I think this post might come in handy:

sravy_baby wrote:Few tricks that might help you to get expert scores.

1. Build the store house as fast as you can and upgrade it FULLY.
2. Due to the above, you will not have resources to upgrade other buildings fully, which is GREAT because Buildings take LONGER to produce material when their level is highest.
3. In general I leave the buildings that can produce 7 units. This not a rule of thumb. So play difficult levels multiple times to find the correct mix.
4. Use ALL the special items. never ignore those.
5. At the start, look at the resources that are low and upgrade those buildings first.
6. Stone takes longer than gold to produce (I felt so, but I may be wrong). So in case you need lot of stone, build stone mine in the very beginning and upgrade it while keeping point 3 above.
7. And don't forget to have Fun.

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I hope this helps and happy gaming!


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Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by Cromaxgal on Feb 14, 11 8:58 PM
I saved the bag for after I upgraded both the storehouse and blocks. Then hit the back and checked both caves and (also) the goldmine has been upgraded, so when there are products all needing to be picked up, hit the bag, the 2 caves and the gold mine and farms and whatever else last. Then I use the shoes to run back to the base at the very last.


Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by Rabid_Chipmunk on Feb 15, 11 1:21 PM
This level needs a strong start. Here is how to do a strong, fast start on 3.5:

1. Upgrade for 1 man
2. Forage both bushes with 2 men
3. Build sawmill
4. Fallen tree
5. Farm
6. 3 gold spots
7. Pick up bag
8. Bush/lumber/standing trees/ long as bag is active.
9. Next: fallen tree(DO NOT do the pile of rocks or stones), all wood, food, gold you can get
10. Bridge, crack, 4th man upgrade
11. Build gold mine and stone mine
12. When resources come from gold and stone mine then upgrade both immediately/keep grabbing all resources other than stone spots.
13. When gold comes again, upgrade gold mine again and take out huge pile of rocks.
14. Build storehouse and then upgrade as soon as it is done.
This can all be done before the timer bar gets past the "star".
I've done this in 7:17 and still could lower the time.

Do not do any of these before the storehouse is fully upgraded:
-upgrade sawmill or farm
-harvest any piles of stone
-go through the 1st small pile of rocks
-build any roads


Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by Rabid_Chipmunk on Feb 15, 11 1:50 PM
Sorry, do not do the 4th man upgrade until after you finish the warehouse upgrades.

Also, once you get the start done, start building towards the fort and mine all the gold spots on the top of the board. I just tried my method out and finished in 6:58, which is like 2 minutes short of the expert time.


Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by run2fast on Apr 15, 11 7:55 AM
How do you use the storehouse?


Re:Roads of Rome level 3.5

[Post New]by LostAtTheGate on Sep 20, 11 11:47 AM
I was constantly ending needing gold and stone - could do everything but get enough resources to end it so..........

I waited till I had 4 workers and had picked up lots of food - then used bonus bag and picked up all the gold to the right of the hut and all the stone heaps around the quarry and then, anything else I could get after that, if I still had time. It finally gave me enough resources to make Expert.

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