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End Of Game Message....

[Post New]by LeBoof on Dec 2, 08 3:15 PM

I've played this game 4 times now....I think. Could be 5. I am absolutely HOOKED on this game!!! I hope they come out with another game in the series. I'd love to see them add items that we can find for bonus rounds or secret areas. That'd be a BLAST!!!! (PlayRix, if you're reading, PLEASE continue the journey!)

Anyhoo, at the end, during the credits, it says that by finishing the game, my name ( or any players' name) is now entered in the book. Ok, which book, and where? I've looked all over and can't find anything.

Is it referring to the Mage's book? If so, do we have access to see it? It's driving me NuTz!!! LOL

Please let me know if you've read the same thing, and if you've found anything. I had to sit through all of the ending credits. (It mentions the name being in the book near the end of the credits).

TIA to all who respond,

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Re:End Of Game Message....

[Post New]by Wardragon on Mar 17, 09 4:59 PM
I really want them to make a sequel to this game also. One with more "tricks" and need of some speed and strategy, like in the last two levels. Although I'd prefer the levels not to be "timed". The graphics and picture cards in this game are so beautiful, I wish they'd done what the makers of "Feeding Frenzy" did. Every time you defeat a level it unlocks a new screensaver for you to use. I'd love to be able to use some of the art in this game for a desktop, and I think that would be a motivational treat for the user. Bonus rounds and secret areas and even more of the "hidden object" rounds would be lovely.

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