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Controls and walkthrough

[Post New]by Martila on Jan 13, 11 11:48 PM

The AGON games are adventure games. As such, it is part of the challenge to figure out what you have to do. You have to search for the clues and discover how to use them.

You will get some verbal hints. It is advisable to have subtitles on (set under game options) to make sure you don’t miss anything. It is advisable to have sound on and use a headset, especially for certain puzzles.

Always think what would be a logical or reasonable thing to do. For example, if you arrive in your office you would probably look at your mail first.

Always look around thoroughly. If you meet people talk to them.

It is important to save your game occasionally.
The controls are described within the game under menu item F (Files).


Look and turn around
Press and hold down the left mouse button to turn the screen in any direction (left, right, up or down). Turning works only if you are not in a static close-up (or in a puzzle). TURN SLOWLY!
Go forward
Where the cursor becomes an arrow you can move to that direction by clicking with the mouse. It is not possible to run or jump.
Go backward
There is no back arrow. To move backward you need to turn around first and then move ahead.
Zoom in
When the cursor becomes a magnifying glass you can zoom on the particular object. Close-ups are static, you cannot turn the screen.
Zoom out
Exit the close-up by clicking the X button, or in some cases, by moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen and clicking when it becomes an arrow pointing down.
The on-screen Dial
The dial is visible all the time (but is not always accessible) at the top right corner of the game screen. The adventure game and the board game environments have different dials.

You cannot skip puzzles but some of them are optional.

A walkthrough is available on [removed by moderator] for this episode of AGON.

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Re:Controls and walkthrough

[Post New]by GreyWolf_2323 on Sep 18, 11 12:56 PM
Is there a walkthrough for this game.

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Re:Controls and walkthrough

[Post New]by Martila on Sep 18, 11 10:22 PM
GreyWolf_2323 wrote:Is there a walkthrough for this game.

There is a good one on game zeboo.

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Re:Controls and walkthrough

[Post New]by VTCT on Jan 13, 14 1:37 PM
I find that moving around & the controls are very poor. I should of realized without a free trail not to buy this game. Check one up to a foul. I uninstalled it & will not play it period.

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