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rag/Golden Lion Club

[Post New]by Warpic on Jan 14, 11 8:04 PM
Have the knife and bottle. Can't find the rag anywhere. Any ideas?

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Re:rag/Golden Lion Club

[Post New]by Bookhound on Feb 2, 11 9:18 PM
I assume you found them while in costume as a shady character and you have already spoken to the prostitute about where the reporter might be and seen the robber in the rental room. If you have, then talk to the Barkeep.
Then look an the empty table at the front of the bar. The rag should be there. But it is not exactly right for what you need. It needs something done to it and then to be switched with the scarf under the hand of the sleeping man at the other front table. Careful not to wake him.
If you talked to the barkeep and the scarf still isn't there. Try going out and coming back in.
Hope this helps.

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