Basic thoughts on this game

[Post New]by smbell0419 on Jan 15, 11 4:39 PM
Items are VERY tiny, unreasonably tiny for this type of game and it doesn't give you enought hints to finish the levels. Most of the items when found are guesses because they are so small you can't fiind the items any way. Makes the game more frustrating than fun. Wouldn't recommend purchase.

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Re:Basic thoughts on this game

[Post New]by Deeisme on Jul 18, 11 12:51 AM
I am shocked that BFG has this junk up for sale! I bought this junky game on dvd from 'some other place' has soooo many flaws and the hints donot work, at all, since the fairy flies around and NEVER lands on the hidden object, at all. All and all I am happy I spent 99 cents for this junky game instead of 6.99! BigFishGames....what are you thinking, to have more 'junk' on your site? I thought you learned your lesson after the game called ''The Great Tree''!

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