level 19

[Post New]by collink3 on Jan 17, 11 4:15 PM
anyone know how to get gold on this level? I have 2 clubs 3 stars i get my 4th house to 3 stars and run out of time.

I started putting a club on the right next to the 2 houses i started with renovated the farthest house upgraded all 3 of those.

then i deleted the pool made a house there and a club next to it, bought the bungalo made a house there upgraded to 3 stars. by the time i can afford the club gold is gone.

please if anyone has a better strategy. thanks


Re:level 19

[Post New]by murmar on Jan 18, 11 2:55 AM
im having the same problem, all i can manage is a silver with 15 sec to spare... if find a solution by the end of this hot chocolate i will be happy if not im off to bed

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by funnymummy7 on Jan 18, 11 3:41 AM
Cant get gold but i do get silver.
I found aim to earn the money 1st works best you can always rearrange quickly, cant earn money quick lol I found use the 2 existing house's build club next to them upgrade to 3 stars demolish pool, buy the bungalow, build a club across from it and a house where the pool was, but club turn into a house.. Basically have 1 club surrounded by 3 houses and another club surrounded by 2..
I just get silver, so i suppose if you can get faster you will get gold lol - I got gold on all the others, im so sick of this level, im letting it slide.. Silver it is :-)
(Gosh i hope all that makes sense, ive never posted here before)


Re:level 19

[Post New]by kittcamz on Jan 18, 11 7:28 PM
Got the gold - FINALLY!

Here's what to do...

Refurbish the house and build a bar next to the pair of houses.
Demolish the swimming pool.
Upgrade your 2 houses ONCE.
Upgrade the bar - make sure you get the intruder, you'll need the extra materials he gives you.
Upgrade one of your houses and the bar to level 3.
Build a house next to where the pool was.
Build a club in the spot where the pool was.
Upgrade everything to level 3.
Buy the bungalow and upgrade it as far as you can...I got to level 2 and won the gold with around 10 seconds to go.
Don't worry about buying the bar that goes up for sale - it's a waste of money and will cost you the gold.

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Jan 19, 11 5:12 PM
Good job, kittcamz!

I was able to finally get gold (just barely with maybe 5 secs left) with some slight modifications to your instructions.


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Re:level 19

[Post New]by stilldixon on Jan 23, 11 6:17 AM
Actually, following those instructions doesn't work because you don't get enough stars to upgrade. The bar doesn't do that and with the club, you don't have time. Anybody else got it yet?


Re:level 19

[Post New]by char717 on Jan 27, 11 6:18 PM
this level is driving me crazy Im 54 years old and very competative must have gold.seems impossible but if someone else got it I must go on lol


Re:level 19

[Post New]by arlahna on Jan 30, 11 11:41 AM
I followed your instructions nearly to the letter. I assumed you meant club when you said bar and I put a house where the pool was and the club next to it. I didn't make gold in time but I wouldn't have anyway. With everything fully upgraded to 3's and without buying the other club, I simply didn't make enough money. Any one else have any ideas? Or was there something I missed from Kittcamz post?


Re:level 19

[Post New]by onesweettammers on Jan 31, 11 5:07 PM
Just got gold with :48 left.

I followed kittcamz with a few adjustments...

Renovate house
Build bar across from the two houses
renovate pool (you'll need this to be able to upgrade)
build billboard
make sure to get the intruder for the materials
upgrade the bar to 3 stars as you can
upgrade the two houses
demolish the pool
build the club and the house in the two empty lots
purchase the bungalo once you have enough money after you buy materials to build the club and house
upgrade the club to 3 stars as you can

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by NormaNorman on Feb 9, 11 4:37 PM
Tried all of the instructions and I still have not even close to the right amount of income.

It's like some of you are playing a different version of the game. My income requirement to finish is 20K. Is that the same as yours? Either your clubs and houses are making you more money, or your income requirement is lower, because frankly I'm not able to solve the level at all, much less get a trophy.

Something appears to really be off kilter here.

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by NormaNorman on Feb 10, 11 5:17 PM
I got it now. I was working off the false assumption that a Club gives the most income. Bars give far more income. (I guess the Club doesn't serve alcohol!)

So as long as I built and upgraded the Bar and renovated and upgraded the houses right away I had plenty of income to work with. Pool needs to be renovated to up the Luxury needed to upgrade the bar. Third house goes in empty spot. Club needs to be bought and renovated to get the club requirement, and bungalo just needs to be bought and upgraded.

I squeaked by before the hard way getting silver with one second to spare, but this method is an easy gold with many seconds to spare.



Re:level 19

[Post New]by klrudnick on Sep 2, 11 5:02 PM
I did it with 40 seconds to spare.
Restore house
Restore pool
Build bar next to 2 houses
Upgrade 2 houses
Upgrade bar to 3 stars
Buy bungelow and upgrade to at least 2 stars
Build house next to pool and upgrade to 3 stars
Upgrade pool to 3 stars
Buy club and upgrade to 2 asap

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by melonrind on Mar 15, 13 5:27 PM
Following the instructions people have given here, I should have had everything done with time to spare, but I still can't get the income up to $20k. I had three houses, a bar, and the bungalow all upgraded to three stars, and my income was something like $19,400, not $20,000. The pool and the club don't provide income, just luxury, so I didn't upgrade the pool, and I only upgraded the club to the required 2 stars. What am I doing wrong, here?

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by 1524Cats on Mar 25, 13 10:50 AM
I followed NormaNorman's advice and I made it with 2 seconds to spare. i forced myself a couple of times to wait for the second income stream so i could work with double the materials and then i could work really fast.

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