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Why do I have to keep starting over once I find a machine?

[Post New]by baxterbear on Jan 17, 11 7:07 PM
Hi Fishies!

Maybe someone can help me with this: Why is it, that when I find a Slingo machine but don't meet the goal and quit the game, I have to start over from the beginning? Meaning - I have to redo the whole stupid chapter just to get back to the Slingo machine. This is especially frustrating since I'm at the 700,00 point machine. I don't have the time and energy to sit here and play until I win. I haven't met the goal yet, but every time I quit and come back to it, I have to play the mini games and HOGs again. I hope I'm just dopey and missing something....but if not, I doubt I'll ever purchase another game like this again.

Thanks in advance for any comments/advice!

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