Not being able to play the game again

[Post New]by seis01 on Jan 18, 11 11:11 AM
I have written several posts regarding the fact that you cannot create a new profile once you have finished the first game. when i click on new profile it will not allow you to add a new profile Why hasnt there been any response to this problem I see there are several posts where people are having the same issue It certainly is not worth purchasing a game you can only play once and the issue never seemed to be resolved In that case i want to persue a refund as the game is not working as you stated it would I would appreciate a reponse as soon as possible

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Re:Not being able to play the game again

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jan 18, 11 12:40 PM
Hey seis01,

Welcome to the pond. I did a little research if you click 'Main Menu' when the game opens, you'll see a button that says 'Profiles'.

Click that and on the next screen that opens, you'll notice a button next to the spaces where you can enter a new name.

Click the button below your existing profile and enter a name. (You won’t see a cursor but you should find that whatever you type is entered into the box).

Then click the 'Add' button and then 'OK' and this should restart the game for you.


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