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Wow, Wow and Fantastic!!

[Post New]by pgillenw on Jan 21, 11 1:16 PM
What a most creative, entertaining game.

I cannot express enough show of appreciation for the work that has gone into this game, creativity abounds, scenes are remarkable, graphics and special effects clever and most entertaining, the programming was superb and the QA team did a fantastic job.

Many extras such as the jokes at the school house and extras at other locations made me smile a lot.

I also loved the inserted video while watching the credits.

I look forward to the next saga, obviously you have left it open to the possibility.

Now get going on the sequel. You have a hungary gamer community out here waiting to be fed.

It is a 10 star game.

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Re:Wow, Wow and Fantastic!! Then Along Came Dire Grove!!!

[Post New]by pgillenw on Jan 22, 11 8:49 PM
Return to Ravenhearst then a play of Dire Grove what more could any one ask for pure entertainment.

Dire Grove like Return to Ravenhearst is superb. I am with out words to describe how impressed with these productions. Both games success can only be attributed to the full team effort.

Now I am ready for another game. Pay no attention to those who cry "large file" I would love a game that took me at least a week to play.

BTW, love the option to pick attitude. Snarky fit well with me.

Fantastic Graphics
Great Story
Good Characters
Music Very Good
Well Programmed
Very Good QA Effort
Loved the Humor
Sound Effects Great

The VCR tapes were a nice touch and the morphs were a great value add. Checking for morph objects kept one focused with the result that learning the locations were made more easy.

Keep going with the creative juices we are out there waiting to drink and worship at the trough of yet another MCF.


Re:Wow, Wow and Fantastic!!

[Post New]by dudleysore on Jan 22, 11 8:54 PM
Way to go PG!! Thank you for a comprehensive, non-judgemental review of two games I have been wanting to play but have been on the fence about!!

I definitely appreciate your taking the time to post this!!

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