Nightmare is a Nightmare

[Post New]by singingjoe on Jan 22, 11 5:23 PM
Nightmare on the Pacific has become Nightmare on my Computer. I tried FOUR times to load this and it just wouldn't load. I am just going to forget it. But somebody should check this game out. It definitely has a problem!

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Re:Nightmare is a Nightmare

[Post New]by WilJul on Jan 22, 11 10:28 PM
Hi singingjoe! I'm sorry you're having so much trouble! You should probably contact customer service via the green envelope to the right of these posts. They may be able to help fix your download problem, but at the very least it would alert them to the issue.


Re:Nightmare is a Nightmare

[Post New]by MississippiNana on Jan 23, 11 9:33 PM
game loaded alright but I cannot do anything, no highlighted area or clues.

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