Haunted Hotel Blank screen

[Post New]by mrsgfordham on Jan 22, 11 5:33 PM
I loaded Haunted Hotel I and Haunted Hotel II onto my Compaq Presario. I use a Radeon HD 4600 graphics card my son recommended.

When I started the game it got to the first page of the story, and the screen went blank shortly after the story starting displaying on the screen.
I went to the BFG tech support and they recommended getting the newest version of Directx. I did that. I also went ot ATI Technologies website and got the latest Catalyst Suite software downloaded onto the computer. None of this helped. The game still shows a blank screen.

How can I get the game to work? Or should I get a refund?

Others here have had trouble with this game too. I like BFG but, I want one that works.


Re:Haunted Hotel Blank screen

[Post New]by foxwoodpete on May 7, 11 3:50 AM
I recently bought the games but have had the same problems. I am using Windows 7 64 bit operating system
Can anyone help

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