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the tree of life.

[Post New]by alfoil on Jan 23, 11 2:05 AM
Having played hundreds of games and generally enjoying most of them i have to say that i am so disappointed with this one. Have come to a grinding halt at the gondala, i can't get into it.etc etc. i have read all the blogs and have decided to give this game a miss even though i have purchased it. i am hoping that a few months down the track bgf will come up with some patches for it. its a shame as it was starting to be fun. I must say that lately I have come across a few of the games with glitches and am wondering how much pre sale checking is being done, either by Bgf or the game creators themselves. Goodluck with this game everyone. i will check everynow and then to see if there have been any solutions given to the problems.

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